Ai Terrazzini

Crazy Offers

“T” As Terrazzini

If your name starts with a "T", like Tina, Tiziano or Teresa, and
you’re our guest, for a minimum of two nights, you may expect a Crazy
Suprise for you!

2 + 2 = 3

This is a special offer for families of four. If you stay at our residence for at least three
nights, the 4th person will be our guest for free for the whole stay.

Crazy Post

Before your arrival, publish your Selfie on Facebook and Instagram with a message
addressed to us and with the hashtag #aiterrazzinimatera… at check in time there will be a
surprise for you!

Happy BDay

If you celebrate you birthday between the week before and the one after your visit and you
decide to stay in our structure for at least two nights, you’ll be entitled to a discount, in
Euros, that will be equal to the sum of the numbers that compose your age.